Over the next few weeks on here and the Facebook page we will be adding information and articles that will hopefully help, inspire and prepare you to fly at your best at the Bright Open 2015.

Some go the ideas are mine, most are from what I have gleaned from others and tried out for size along the way. None of it is meant as prescriptive, what works for one person can be detrimental to another… one persons focussing technique can create anxiety for another. What I do hope to achieve is to offer advice in areas you can consciously identify, measure and see where your easiest and most significant performance gains can be made before the competition starts.

If this is your first competition it might give you a framework to use as a checklist to give you a solid understanding of how the event is conducted.


As we get closer to the event we I will hopefully have a good idea of those people who would like direct mentoring and those that are willing to provide it. Part of making a mentoring package work well is matching people to an appropriate mentor based on personality and experience.

Choosing a mentor isn’t unlike buying shares- there are options to buy  high risk, high yield shares or low risk… let me know the sort of mentor you think you are or would like to work with to advance your competition flying.

There is a great saying- ‘you are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with’. Reflect on who you stand on launch with, prepare to fly with and the sort of discussions you have. Having a mentor to mix up that average might just get you to the next level of flying you have been wanting to do.

Part 1 – What do I want form the Bright Open

Part 2 – How good am I

Part 3 – Developing a Decision Making Model


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