Bright Paragliding Open and Pre PWC

The Bright Paragliding Open is an 7 day XC paragliding competition, running from 14 thru 20 January, 2017

We are based around the Mystic Flight Park in Bright. We may also use sites including Gundowring (4wd access only) and the Buckland Ridge.

This competition is HGFA AAA and FAI Cat 2 sanctioned with WPRS and up to 450 Australian ladder points available per day.

Early bird entry fee is $230, register here

Transport and retrieve
This competition does not provide transport and retrieve for all pilots.
We often use the Gundowring launch which is 4 wheel drive access only.
Do not
depend on the organisation for transport

The organisation has a limited number of place available for transport and retrieve
Organise your place in advance, details here

Horse race
Each morning we replay the interesting track logs from the previous days’s task and invite those pilots to talk thru the strategy and key points of their flights

Morning talks
Members of the Australian squad will be invited to give a presentation on various topics including active “glider management”, “extending XC beyond the comfort zone” and “pushing out’